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Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Toilets

How many portable restrooms do I need?

For a construction site: It is recommended to have 1 portable unit for every 10 workers, working a 40 hour work week, having the toilet serviced weekly.

For an event: It depends on the number of guests you are expecting and the duration of your event. Our team can help you determine the type of restrooms you need and the amount needed to accommodate your guests.

How many people will a restroom trailer accommodate?

We offer several sizes of restroom trailers. The size needed will depend on the number of guests you are expecting and the duration of your event.

Do you require power and water for restroom trailers?

Yes. Water and power are required to be available on the site.

Can portable toilets be used in cold weather?

Yes, they can! When outside temperatures are cold, we add a salt brine to help prevent it from freezing.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

What is not allowed in the dumpsters?

The following items are prohibited.  DO NOT PUT IN DUMPSTER:

Batteries, Auto Parts, Tires, Drums, Liquids or Chemicals, Hazardous Waste or Asbestos, Florescent Bulbs, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Hot Ashes, Wet Cement, Paint (put kitty litter and let harden), pressurized tanks (helium, propane, etc).  NO ELECTRONICS (Computers, Monitors, TVs).

Do I need to lay down plywood for dumpster placement?

We do not require you to lay down plywood, but if you are concerned about scrapes or rust on the placement surface, then we recommend it to help protect the surface.

How much space is needed for a dumpster?

The size of the dumpsters are as follows:

    • 20 Yard: Height 6’0”, Width 7’8”, Length 13’11”
    • 30 Yard: Height 6’2”, Width 8’1”, Length 22’0”

Our trucks require approximately 60ft. leading to placement spot, at least 10.5’ width and at least 23’ overhead clearance to allow our trucks to raise and roll off the dumpster.

Is there a proper way to load a dumpster?

A load must be evenly distributed, must not exceed the top of the box, or overhang. Otherwise, a load adjustment charge will occur. Dirt, rocks, chunks of concrete allowed, but only to half fill height. Dumpsters are full once load reaches the top rim. Loads past the top rim will be charged overfill fee.